Right direction

Regarding the Aug. 8 letter to the editor “Trump Unfit,” in which the writer talks about parents being separated from their children, just to let everyone know, Barack Obama started the policy, not Donald Trump. But being that his name was Obama, it was OK.

As for what the letter called Trump’s “disastrous trip abroad attacking our allies,” he should attack our allies; they have been taking advantage of us for years. Considering we pulled them out of World War II, if it were not for America, Europe would be speaking German today. At least Trump was not like some other gutless leaders who went over and apologized for our behavior, which I am still trying to figure out. What behavior was he talking about?

Trump has done a great job bringing this country back to what it was 50 years ago, with economy, the stock market and dealing with illegals. I hope our next president has the backbone to stand up to our allies and keep America going in the right direction, like it is now.

Alan Chadwick

New Port Richey

Swamp rising

Regarding President Trump’s many rallies around the country, every time Air Force One leaves the hangar, we are looking at $100,000 — and it hasn’t even left the ground. Then there’s the cost of the Secret Service, the cars to get to and from the airport and anything else involved with the rallies. And what about the towns and cities where the rallies are held giving protection to the president, the vice president and members of their families.

Some of this is paid for by the Republican Party, but most is coming out of our pockets. The man who said he was going to “drain the swamp” has it overflowing with these expenses.

Then there are the costs of his golf course visits by the man who said, “I will never be leaving the White House as I have too much work to do.” Let’s all go play golf, since we’re paying for it.

C.J. George

Port Richey