Wonderful find

The delightful article in your West Pasco print editions, “Hudson restaurant serves taste of Cuba,” by Nick Stubbs, prompted us to visit Carolina’s Cuban Cafe, this little gem off U.S. 19 in the Hudson area. Our friend Bea, who was born in Cuba, was excited to give it a try. What a wonderful culinary treat.

Bea chose the Cuban sandwich as a test of true ethnic authenticity. It was packed with fresh meat and cheese on fresh Cuban bread from La Segunda Bakery in Ybor City. It was so large, she took half home and it was only $5.99.

We tried the sampler platter, along with two entrees, to give us a cross-section of great Cuban tastes.

The owner, Carolina, was there with a warm, welcoming smile. We were impressed how clean she keeps the restaurant and found out she does have expansion plans for the future. “We’ll be back” my husband exclaimed as we left.

Thanks, Suncoast News, for helping us discover Carolina’s Cuban Cafe.

Kathy Oko



The latest iteration of Democrat perpetrated fraud in the recent Florida election is the so-called undervote and or overvote determination of “intent.” This is a simple problem with a simple solution made as complicated as possible by Democrats looking to manufacture votes and steal an election.

Problem: Overvote — The voter selects more than one candidate for a specific office. Solution: Void the vote for that specific office. Accept all other valid choices.

Problem: Undervote — 1. The voter does not cast a vote for an office candidate. Reason — The voter may not like either candidate and choose to withhold a vote. 2. The voter does not vote to retain or reject a Judge. Reason — The voter has insufficient information to make a judgment. Solution — Accept all other valid choices on the ballot.

There is no logical reason to attempt to determine “intent” of the voter in the above instances. Accept the vote as presented.

Michael N. Mattia

Tarpon Springs