Sinking ships

What really irks Marty Moore and his Democrat pals (“The Republican Tax Scam” — May 9) is that the Republicans returned tax money to the people. Marty would rather see the government keep the money so it could fund handouts to illegals in sanctuary cities, give away cell phones and open our borders to all (providing they vote Democratic in the next election.)

Marty trivializes a minimum $9-a-week tax return to American workers citing such credible sources as CNBC. Here is what he ignores: The lowest unemployment rate in decades across all ethnic groups and corporations sharing their tax cut money with $1,000 and more in bonuses to all their workers. Marty also ignores the fact that when corporations buy back their shares that raise their share prices millions of ordinary citizens, especially retired seniors, will see their retirement funds prosper.

Does Marty really want to emulate the finances of such Democratic strongholds as New York, California, Illinois and Puerto Rico? Their ships of state are going down under the burden of Democratic spending.

Joseph Wynne

New Port Richey

Don’t talk

People who talk on the phone while driving should be ticketed each time they are caught. If they are caught three times, their licenses should be suspended. They no longer have the license to drive. It’s a license to kill

Richard J. Bruno

New Port Richey