On guns

Whenever another savage and senseless gun massacre occurs, which seems like a bi-weekly event these days, and the national discourse turns to instituting stricter gun laws, a shiver goes through Congress looking for a spine to run up. However, in our capitalist society when the right of the firearms industry to make as much money as possible with which to lobby Congressional representatives so they can make even more money competes with the right of American students to be able to be educated in a safe and secure environment, there can be no doubt about whose interests are going to prevail.

R.J. Damsky


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In his letter to the editor “A Health Issue,” former Pasco County Health Department Director Marc Yacht presented good ideas time and time again. Unfortunately, it has fallen on deaf ears for many years. God bless these young people for leading the charge. Perhaps their call to "vote them out" will finally make the difference. Many Americans love their guns more than their children.

Jack Spirk

Tarpon Springs

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Marc Yacht, in his letter, presented misleading and sensationalist statistics to argue that the CDC should investigate the causes of gun violence. In the 1990s, the CDC’s report used selective and misleading data, such as its failure to mention there are more defensive uses of guns each year than criminal uses of guns. These biases led to Congress stripping funds from the CDC for any such studies.

After claiming health professionals are neutral Yacht immediately jumps into preaching for gun control. He presented misleading data to make his point such as the claim there are already 23 mass shootings in 2018. “Mass shooting” is intended to bring images of “Sandy Hook” style horrors but he redefines it as any shooting incident where four or more people are injured, thus counting gang related drive by shootings. This overly broad definition is designed to inflate the shock value.

Dan Stanhope

Palm Harbor

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The gun. The gun. It’s all about the gun. The problem is the gun — too many. The solution is the gun – issue more guns. The fanatic eliminates all guns. This is nuts.

We bleed in our schools. We bleed in our streets. The deranged the criminals and the police cause the bleeding while citizens of all persuasions argue about stemming its effusion. In the end nothing is done because we can’t agree on what to do. This is nuts.

Protesters cry “ban the gun.” Supporters of withering constitutional rights cry “hands off the gun”. Newspaper editorial cartoons and children demand something be done, but aren’t sure what that might be. It’s all about the gun.

This is nuts.

Richard J. Paracka

New Port Richey

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First school shooting took place in Pennsylvania on July 26, 1764. School Master Enoch Brown was shot and killed and nine students beaten to death. Total of all school shootings in the past 254 years: incidents, 465; deaths, 569; and injuries, 803.

In 2017, 41,000 Americans were killed in auto crashes. Most schools no longer teach driver’s-education, yet we hand the keys to a 2,000-pound automobile to a 16-year-old and nothing politically is said.

I taught my five sons to shoot prior to their seventh birthdays. My youngest son drowned in a neighbor’s pool in June 1972. I know the heartache and sorrow of having to bury a child. I am a former national rifle and pistol competitor.

Nothing I stated here is intended to negate the death of anyone, much less a child.

David J. Lindstedt Sr.


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The facts don't lie when it comes to the former federal assault weapons ban. It worked. The decade before, there were 155 deaths from mass shootings. With the ban in effect, deaths dropped to 89. When the ban was lifted in 2004, mass shooting deaths skyrocketed to 302. We need another ban.

David Bach

Bayonet Point

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Democrats are at it again. They’re trying to take our rights away from us. They are evil to the end. You will never be able to not get guns. The real need lays with checking people’s background out extensively.

Janet Buchwalter

New Port Richey