It’s simple

Your Feb. 21 editorial on the Stoneman Douglas High School killings neglects to tell us that the FBI had clear tips, absolute tips from their own tip line, that the accused killer, Nikolas Cruz, had threatened to shoot up a school, that he had a gun and that he was crazy.

The FBI did more than drop a ball here. I strongly suspect that we will always remain unconvinced on whether the FBI intentionally dropped this tip.

As for your editorial, its lack of all the facts makes one wonder just how far down to the grassroots level the Deep State goes.

They would have us convinced that we must give up our rights in order to be safe. They neglect to inform us that the solution was much simpler than that: The federal government — and in this case the FBI — simply needed to do what we pay them to do.

Dick Maxwell

New Port Richey

Bad timing

Why was the remake of the film “Death Wish” included in the Opening This Week listing of new movies in your March 2 editions? How insulting. Just when our children are returning to school.

The original “Death Wish” was terrible, and I’m sure this one will be worse. How much violence can one take? Hollywood should have postponed the movie for at least a couple of weeks. But no; money rules, right?

“Death Wish” has gun violence. Just what we need. Let’s have more violence, sex and other graphic junk so someone can view it and maybe get an idea.

Steve Cataldi

New Port Richey

No Moore

Columnist Marty Moore is hateful and deranged and feeds your readers lies, distortions and just plain delusional “facts,” none of which are ever attributed to any source. As the editor you are responsible for his views you choose to print and are allowing this man to create even more division among Americans. Shame on you for printing anything he spews out. Get rid of him.

Monica Williams

Palm Harbor