Not adults

I am constantly amazed at the way adults behaved to the young survivors of the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. These “adults” go on and on about how young these brave people are and how they know so little about life. I bet those complaining have no idea what it is like to survive a mass shooting, much less at that age. I bet that most of these people could not and would not conduct themselves in the dignified manner that these “kids” have. They want this issue left to the “adults in the room,” yet that is who has been handling it so far, with poor results. These so-called adults are certainly not acting like adults.

If you are going to lower yourself to attack teenagers who have survived the unspeakable, then perhaps you aren’t in any position to try and fix the problem.

Amy Rae DeMoss


Sewers, please

What will it take for Pasco County leaders to install a sewer system in Holiday? We have been asking for years for this essential infrastructure. Let us all vote them out and replace them with representatives who truly care about the county’s residents.

Joe Traycheff


Fix it

I totally concur with columnist Marty Moore regarding protecting our schools and the children who attend. I was thinking last week that the best, and most economical, way would be to install metal detectors at an entrance and have all the students funnel through that entrance. We must do this now to board a plane or enter a courthouse, so everyone is used to it already. If you enter a courthouse these days there are three or four people in uniform monitoring that area and two of them seem to have nothing to do. Take some of those uniforms and put them at school in the morning. It’s time to stop the infighting and come up with a concrete plan. For parents to keep losing children is unconscionable when the situation can be remedied.

Pamela McMaugh

New Port Richey