Moore a lifesaver

I have read most of the comments that depict columnist Marty Moore as an unpatriotic degenerate. I wish to thank him and The Suncoast News for his timely articles, which are like a breath of fresh air. Just when I think there is no more humanity or decency left in America, I am confronted by his factual and well-documented articles, aimed at awakening us out of our amnesiac descent back into the abyss of ugliness and hate.

God bless you, Marty, you are a lifesaver.

Charlene Connelly


Really bad

I would like to pat Eunice H. Calhoun on the back for her July 11 letter about the condition of the Hudson Post Office. I am so ashamed of our post office. We should win an Oscar for the most disgraceful one in the state. I guess Postal Service officials couldn’t care less about the conditions outside.

I have lived in Hudson for five years and it continues to get worse. It’s really bad when you are ashamed of a public building where you live.

Dorothy Carter


Trump trouble

Cowardly puppet Trump is teaming the U.S. with the poisoning-thug Putin and trashing our allies, against the advice of U.S. intelligence and military advisers. He wants what Putin wants: a new world order. Trump is a traitor and unfit to command.

The Republicans take no action against this traitor. It is as if Putin is Voldemort and the Republicans are Slytherins. Traitor Trump will be found guilty, he will go to prison and he should be stripped of his U.S. citizenship.

Eli Darrow

New Port Richey


It is disturbing to read that so many people believe everything that Mr. Trump says and only listen to Fox News. A letter to the editor stated that people say that if Trump cured cancer he would still be considered evil. Please remember that Trump stated that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and his followers would still back him. Apparently, that is true.

Beverly Botte