No con

The writer of the July 11 letter “Con Job” stated he voted Republican in 2016 because he wanted change. He got exactly what he voted for, change.

If you want to come to this country, come legally. Maybe I should go to a bank, apply for a loan and if I get denied, just rob it. If you think about it, that what illegals do.

If you want to feel sorry for someone, feel sorry for the Americans who lost children to illegal criminals. The letter writer said President Trump is un-American. The people who have more sympathy for illegals who should not be here than the people who have buried love ones because of illegal criminals are the ones who are un-American.

Alan Chadwick

New Port Richey


As they say, if President Trump cured cancer he’d still be considered evil. The “Con Job” letter was 100 percent nonsense. The photos of penned-up children separated from their parents that sparked outrage are from 2014, during the Obama administration, not under President Trump. In fact, that practice goes back many years. The Brainwash Fake News put this out, not Fox News.

Bill Durnell



Are all the people objecting to the separation of children at the U.S.-Mexico border aware that there have been kidnappings and sale of children to pedophile rings and for organ harvesting? There have been thousands of them. Their parents aren’t true parents.

Too bad the media doesn’t tell us that. Quit crying about it and let the law work.

Ruth Seal


In fear

A June 27 letter asked, “What is all this wailing and gnashing of teeth over separating children from international criminal parents?” Shame on the writer. I am outraged at this demonstration of racial animus and vitriol. What gives him the right to compare these parents to “Bonnie and Clyde”? I fear for our democracy, which is based on tolerance, understanding and respect for the truth.

Margaret Foth

New Port Richey


In June 2017 I asked city officials to do something about the unsightly debris at the intersection of Pinellas Avenue and Meres Boulevard. The debris has finally been removed.

Now, however, there is a chance debris will return if a Wawa service station-convenience store is built there. There is a Shell station just down the street and another station at the intersection of Tarpon and Pinellas avenues. That’s two stations in the middle of a town the size of Tarpon Springs. Does it make sense to add another, bigger, station to the congestion?

A Wawa that big needs to be on U.S. 19, not on a two-lane road going through the center of town and adding much more traffic. If we are not careful, Tarpon Springs will lose its appeal as a small, unique town brimming with colorful history. It was not long ago that Tarpon Springs was named “the best small historical city” in the USA. We need to take pride in that distinction and not bring big corporations to the middle of town.

I am asking city officials to reconsider this request from Wawa and prohibit its construction on that property.

Billie Spirides

Tarpon Springs