No Moore

I want to say thank you for a great local paper that is 90 percent free of political ideas, just good old fashion local news stories, and positive.

However, here comes the gripe: Marty Moore’s column puts the paper to shame. Perhaps some of what he says is truthful and some is lies. Either way, he is 100 percent anti-conservative, anti-Trump, anti-any Republican. I have gotten to a point that I will start a campaign against your advertisers and am re-questing that you discontinue his column — if they are going to be political.

He can be pro or con on a project, but to mention our president’s name over and over, badmouthing him and the Republicans, is so very wrong. Either tell him to clean up his act or else.

Again, great newspaper, but leave the political views out. We, the people of Pasco, want a clean paper like yours.

Thanks for letting me have my say, I am not a writer, so it is hard to put into words how important of a message this is.

Kenneth A. Peterson


Poor Sears

With sadness I read the Sears store in Port Richey is closing. There was a time when we purchased just about everything from the Sears catalog or store in the cities where we lived. Car tires and an air conditioner kits that I installed on two different cars, a boiler to heat the house and windows and snow blowers, appliances and insurance and so on.

Sears was a happy place to shop. confirmed by some of our son’s first words one day: “Let’s go Sears.”

After retiring from IBM, I worked at a Sears until moving to Florida and never understood why they canceled the Sears catalog, which was like an early version of, or Allstate Insurance or Discover Card and why Lowe’s now sells Craftsman tools. I suppose they needed the money.

Thank you, Sears, for making our lives better.

David R. Buchwalter

New Port Richey