I was surprised how casually your recent editorial wrote off 83,000 uncounted Florida votes in the 2018 election. While the editorial states they were not counted for various reasons spelled out in state election laws, there was no breakdown of those “non-valid” votes as to why they were not counted. Mismatched signatures and late mail-in ballots were some reasons. These rules should be revised to allow for timely corrections, or checking postmarks.

You then tried to minimize the 83,000 number by stating it only amounted to about 1 percent of the votes cast.

As we all know, 1 percent was greater than the margin of victory in several Florida races, including: governor, 32,463, or 0.4 percent, of the votes cast; U.S. senator, 10,033 or 0.1 percent; and state agri-cultural commissioner, 6,753 or less than 1 percent.

Most shocking was your closing statement that “even if there is electoral skullduggery afoot, we usually end up with the elected officials we would have gotten anyway.”

Rather than dismiss possible electoral misconduct, which is a crime, perhaps your editorials should take a more aggressive stance against electoral skullduggery.

Dave McCubbin

Palm Harbor

Good Green

Regarding the Green New Deal proposal, it is a fresh start with fresh ideas and technology, i.e. wind, solar and even personal energy consumption is not a waste. We need to begin somewhere.

The consumption of fossil fuels will not support us for centuries, in fact, their usage is polluting and destroying the human species and our earth out of existence.

Technology advances daily. To critics of the Green New Deal, get on board in this 21st century. The time is now. Clean air, water, and health care for all. Healthy planet, healthy species.

Michelle Simmons

New Port Richey

Keep Moore

Regarding the criticism of columnist Marty Moore, I read your paper every week and look forward to reading your editorial page, the letter and whoever your commentary writer is in that edition. Please continue to include Marty Moore. We all deserve a voice.

Leona Ludolf