Trump unfit

Regarding the letter to the editor about the photo of children separated from their parents at the border being taken in 2014, I would remind the writer that the present administration isn’t allowing the media, and even senators, in these detention facilities. It has not been transparent about these prisons for children and still haven’t reunited many of them with their parents. It never had a plan and it was a complete blunder from the start.

Yes, if Trump found a cure for cancer he would still be evil. Judging by his recent disastrous trip abroad, attacking our allies while praising a murderous dictator, I question his sanity. Democracy is very much at risk as long as this unfit president remains in office.

Susan Hudson

Port Richey


Our current president is a traitor. I watched him take an oath to protect and defend the United States. At his July 16 news conference, he denied the veracity of our intelligence agencies and sided with a Russian oligarch. I believe this is grounds for impeachment.

When will the Republican-controlled Congress get some backbone and stand up to this wanna-be dictator? I have been a registered voter for some 60 years and have never seen behavior like this from a president.

Loretta E. Baker


Be informed

In school we’re taught to write research papers using more than one respected source for our facts. This editorial page prints letters from people with strong opinions to which they are certainly entitled. Unfortunately, the opinions are sometimes backed up by falsehoods. Some have even claimed that Fox News is the only real source for truth. If you want the truth, I suggest reading the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times; one leans conservative, the other liberal.

Totalitarian regimes control their news organizations so people only hear the dictator’s side of the story. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of the press. It’s one of the most powerful forces in maintaining our democracy. The other is a well-informed citizenry.

Linda Blake

New Port Richey