We’re entitled

I wish right-wing columnist Rich Lowry would do a little fact checking before writing an article about health care. He says that “Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for all” would be terrible for our country. He uses quotes from right wing websites to demonize the idea of Medicare for all, but Bernie’s plan and all its information is online.

Lowry falsely says the plan would “provide health care free of charge.” It would be funded by raising payroll taxes for employees and employers. This would be much cheaper for both.

I am very happy with Medicare Advantage. It is the best health care I have ever had and focuses on keeping you healthy. Some Republicans want to privatize Medicare and call it an entitlement. We are entitled to it because we paid for it through payroll taxes our entire working lives. Where is the better, cheaper health care Trump promised?

Melvin L. Nichols

New Port Richey

Inside fine

Two letters complained about the outward appearance of the Hudson Post Office. Who cares about that? What really matters is the people inside.

The Hudson Post Office staff is helpful, cordial, knowledgeable and efficient. They smile when waiting on customers.

Quit pouting and look for the good and positive. Be a fountain, not a drain.

Jill Pittman


Oily threat

On Aug. 15, the Trump administration auctioned oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico in coastal waters as shallow as nine feet and less than an hour’s boat ride from our shores. Despite this, not one word of protest from Gov. Rick Scott or state tourist agencies. It’s as if this major threat to our coast doesn’t exist.

Oil spills, and they will happen, could hit everyone in the pocket book. Economists say the only reason Florida does not have a state income tax is because of the millions generated by tourists. These visitors will not pay to visit oil-polluted water and beaches. Yet not a word of protest or action to try and halt this disaster in the making. It’s election year. You figure it out.

John Ennis