Real need

I can only think the writer of the letter “No Need,” criticizing the Ridge Road extension, must be living somewhere else. I moved to River Ridge before the high school and shopping center, and DeCubellis Road was split into two dead-end streets. To get out, you had to use River Ridge Boulevard to Ridge Road.

Now, the amount of traffic on DeCubellis Road is insane. I have to use it because I don’t have any other entrance or exit. Trucks illegally use it as through road. I’m sure we also have school buses that don’t have a pick up or drop off but still use it. Probably 30 percent of the users don’t live here. Use it.

The initial 5-mile part of the Ridge Road extension, to the Suncoast Parkway, should have been built 25 years. I have seen the construction on Starkey Boulevard. Something has to happen before we are completely choked to death.

Fredi Prager

New Port Richey

Our future

Congratulations to the hundreds of thousands of children who marched for gun control. Congratulations to the wonderful, thoughtful parents of these amazing, well spoken, well-reared children. And congratulations to their teachers. These children are our future. Our future is in good hands.

John Tischner


Keep control

Gun control will not stop school shootings. The only way to make schools safe is to treat them just like an airport. Everyone go through a metal detectors and bags go through X-ray machines. When there is a shutdown, all doors to lock automatic. Have police stations in schools.

Taking away guns from law abiding citizens is not the answer. Not one of the school shooters was a NRA member. It’s like blaming cars for drunk drivers. Let’s abolish cars. Bad doctors kill people, so let’s abolish doctors. Should we do that? No, because we all need cars and doctors.

I believe in the Second Amendment. Don’t let the government take total control of our lives. Have some common-sense people.

John Connors

New Port Richey