More Moore

I felt compelled to respond to the many anti-Marty Moore letters you have been printing lately.

I find his opinions very factual and enlightening. He is practically the only reason I read the Suncoast News. Thank God there are people like him around to state the facts and not just complain about the other side without stating any specific examples to which we can actually research and substantiate.

If the Trump backers really cared about the truth, they would not have voted for him in the first place.

Jim Dooley


We’ll see

As a Rays fan, I would like to see them go to the playoffs, but that isn’t going to happen. The owner has small pockets, and he doesn’t have the money to make decent trades.

Case in point: The Rays make a trade for a pitcher. Bad move. Why? He’s had two Tommy John elbow surgeries. The front office makes bad decisions. Evan Longoria had one or two years left on his contract. Why let him go? Last year he didn’t hit well, but he probably is one of the best defensive third basemen in the league. Seems like the Giants felt he was.

Now, does owner Stuart Sternberg feel the Rays will be a better team if they move to Tampa? Will their pitchers and batters become the best in baseball? Will their attendance be better? Maybe. Their attendance will drop in another week or two. Back to 8,000 to 10,000.

Now, Sternberg says he’s willing to put up $400 million toward the new stadium if he gets a $25 million-a-year naming deal. I doubt it.

Sternberg has no business being an owner of a baseball team. But then again. We’ll see.

Steve Cataldi

New Port Richey

Hogg tired

David Hogg, the Stoneman Douglas High School student gun control advocate, wants to run with the big dogs. But he and the media will not stand for it when he is treated like one of the big dogs.

I am so over this young man.

Larry Whightsil

New Port Richey