Local lady overcomes hearing disability with Audible’s help

Audibel hearing aid specialist Keith Stegbauer, BC-HIS (right), greets patient Dorothy Marvel during a recent follow-up visit. Find your nearest Audibel at FloridaHearing.com

Dorothy Marvel is no stranger to disabilities.

Her father lost his hand in a farming accident when Dorothy was only one year old. In her 20s, she lost most of her hearing due to calcium hardening in her inner ear and had to get corrective surgery.

Now retired, Dorothy volunteers at her local church, helping autistic children with daily activities. She sees a lot of herself in the children she works with.

“When you have a disability, you are different but you don`t want to be treated differently,” she shared.

Dorothy has struggled with deafness for nearly her entire life. She has undergone multiple surgeries and often encountered tinnitus (a loud ringing in her ears) and has mostly relied on reading lips. When other people became judgmental about Dorothy's inability to hear them, she became discouraged.

“It was disheartening to see the look on people’s faces thinking something was wrong with me because I couldn’t understand what they were saying,” she reflected.

Since Dorothy’s father had success with his hearing loss thanks to Audibel, the only American-made-and-operated hearing aid manufacturer in the world, she decided it was time to buy her first pair of hearing aids.

During her initial examination at Audibel, a friendly hearing aid specialist conducted an audiometric test of Dorothy’s ears, clearly explaining the results with a detailed audiogram. She was then fitted with a pair of state-of-the-art wireless hearing aids, wearing them during a convenient 45-day trial period with weekly appointments so she could familiarize herself with the devices. Dorothy is amazed by the results, and couldn’t be happier with Audibel’s service throughout the entire process.

“I can now sit and listen to people talk to me without having to guess what they’re saying," she beamed. “Everyone at Audible was so caring and encouraging. Their bedside manner was better than all the other doctors I’d worked with because they were so gentle and took the time to teach me how to hear the sounds of the world.”

Like Dorothy, you can improve your overall quality of life through better hearing. All 27 convenient Audible Hearing Centers throughout the Tampa Bay area offer a free hearing screening with no obligation, as well as a unique 45-day trial on most hearing aids.

“Audibel reaffirmed that you’re just like everyone else – you just have a slight hearing problem,” Dorothy added. Your journey to better hearing begins today: Call your nearest Audible Hearing Aid Center to schedule your complimentary hearing screening. Visit FloridaHearing.com for more information.