For now at least, Trinity is officially a census-designated place (CDP) considered part of Greater New Port Richey. But the neighborhood is fast acquiring an identity of its own, thanks to a growing population (nearly 12,000, according to the 2020 U.S. Census) and opportunities for planned, rational developments.

One of those developments came closer to fruition last month when Pasco County’s Planning and Development Department received the first phase of plans, containing modifications to the original, for a mixed-use development at the southwest corner of State Road 54 and Little Road.

Known now as Mitchell Ranch, the Master Planned Unit Development (MPUD) will contain almost 1 million square feet of office/commercial/retail space, including restaurants, and 800 housing units, both apartments and town homes.

Mitchell Ranch is considered a transit-oriented development (TOD), which the U.S. Department of Transportation defines as one that “creates dense, walkable, and mixed-use spaces near transit that support vibrant, sustainable, and equitable communities. TOD projects include a mix of commercial, residential, office, and entertainment land uses.”

The development will be in what the county calls the South Market Area, “envisioned as an urban gateway opportunity area with intensification supported by transit opportunities and to be developed in a manner which will enhance energy efficiency and conservation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” It is also considered an “urban gateway” and an area ripe for creating employment opportunities.

The complex will be structured like a town, with a main street, central square, parkland, multiuse trail, elevated parking deck and pedestrian access; a bus stop and accommodations for bikes are also envisioned.

Mitchell Ranch is a project of the Mitchell Ranch Partnership LTD, a merger of Pasco County and M&M Route 54 West LLC, a Florida limited liability company with a Piscataway, N.J., business address, created specifically for this project.