Britty Murawinski built her first charcuterie board on the day of her wedding. She and her husband wanted a charcuterie-themed cocktail hour, but found that the prices being charged were well beyond their budget. So Murawinski took matters into her own hands and built her own display.

The event went so well that people suggested she start her own business and The Pop Up Picnic Girl was born.

Murawinski has lived in Pinellas County for two and a half years, but before that she and her family spent seven years traveling the country in an RV. Some of her first projects were pop up picnics in Oregon, New York and Virginia. 

When they settled in Palm Harbor, Murawinski posted her idea for a charcuterie board catering company on a Facebook moms’ group and requests exploded.

“Within 12 hours I sold like $10,000 worth of cheese,” she said. “That’s when I told my husband, ‘I think this is legit, we need to really put some thought into this as a business.’”

The Pop Up Picnic Girl is a catering company that specializes in home charcuterie parties.

“We come to your house we set up on your island or your buffet,” Murawinski said. “We do anything from snack options to dinner grab-and-go.”

They try to theme the boards they create to reflect the season. Right now they are doing boards with a lot of fresh fruits and berries, but in the fall they will turn more to pumpkin spreads and seasonal cheeses, according to Murawinski.

Charcuterie boards are also available for special events and holidays. Last year Halloween kept the Pop Up Picnic Girl’s three employees quite busy. They used skeletons as the base for the displays and crafted coffins out of cheese.

They also did an event at the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa with a “solar system” theme.

“We made moons out of Swiss cheese, and planets out of prosciutto. We went all-out,” Murawinski said. “I got to be super creative, and challenge my ability.”

And Murawinski does consider the work she does an art form. Although there are now several vendors offering charcuterie boards in north Pinellas County, each one does it differently.

“Everyone has their own look,” Murawinski said. “After all it is an art, and everyone has their ways of how they portray their art.”

In addition to the in-home catering business, The Pop Up Picnic Girl will also design charcuterie boards for special occasions or just for a casual night at home.

“Our smallest board we call our date-night board,” Murawinski said. “You can order any of our boards for delivery or pick up.”

One of the ways Pup Up Picnic Girl is expanding the business is by setting up live pop up picnics, starting in September. The picnics will be set up in local parks or indoor spaces, and will be ticketed events open to the public.

“You go to the same restaurant all the time, and that’s great and that’s comforting, but imagine if you could just show up to some park or somewhere that you don’t normally spend time and you can have like a fully catered dinner,” Murawinski said. “The experience of it all is the most important thing.”

Also in the works are plans for a brick-and-mortar shop in the new Dunedin Fix food hall that is scheduled to open in the fall on the corner of Broadway and Skinner Boulevard in Dunedin. People will be able to order from The Pup Up Picnic Girl and a number of other vendors, and either eat there or purchase boards for take-out.

The Pop Up Picnic Girl can be reached by calling (518) 265-2339 or visiting The Pop Up Picnic Girl on Facebook.