teacher appreciation

Spring Hill Elementary School celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week by surprising them with goodies all week.

When we think about growing up, there’s bound to be one or two or more teachers who have made a positive influence on us and who we’ve become.

From May 3-7, National Teacher Appreciation Week was celebrated across the country, and Hernando County staff and students made sure to let it be known how much their teachers were appreciated.

Spring Hill Elementary School hosted a raffle and surprised its teachers with a show by comedian Devon Seibold. Winding Waters K-8 held a food-themed celebration each day of the week. Pinegrove Elementary had the teachers dressed in Hawaiian clothes on Monday and showered the teachers all week with food. JD Floyd Elementary School provided a hot breakfast for all teachers courtesy of the Breakfast Station on Monday, a candy bar on Tuesday, bagel breakfast on Wednesday, and lunch on Thursday, in addition to goody bags placed on their desks.

Parents from around the county shared their appreciation for their teachers — whether for a homeschool parent, private school teacher or public educator.

“Miss Duckworth and her partner, Mr. Pritts, are two fabulous teachers at Hernando High School,” said Della Smith. “They are the best. They take their time, they listen and they teach.”

“I appreciate my wife at Methodist School Center,” said Brandon Lynch.

“Life Primary School has the best teachers and staff, and we are grateful for all of you,” said Karla Sedgwick.

Home Circle of Hernando, a support group of homeschoolers in the county, had a few parents of their own share their enthusiasm for teaching.

Jessica Peach has been homeschooling her daughter for the past five years. She chose homeschooling because it was an opportunity to have a hands-on approach to shaping her into the adult she one day will become.

“It’s not like I’m a teacher and I’m a mom, it’s your whole entity of who you are,” Peach said.

Heather Alexander, another homeschool mom, added, “I love it, it’s become a lifestyle and I can’t imagine not doing it. The love of being able to learn as a family, whether we’re cooking or out with the horses, is based around their learning.”