Multiple first-responder units in Pasco County agencies took part in specialized training exercises this month.

Aviation, Maritime Operations and Agricultural units, among others within the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, participated in aerial firefighting training to prevent the spread of brush fires. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the training focused on using a “Bambi bucket” attached to the department’s rescue helicopter. Pilots lower the helicopter over a body of water to fill the container and then transport it to the scene of a wildfire, helping to extinguish the blaze from above.

Participating sheriff’s office pilots and members trained in different scenarios, including tree-lined areas, small concentrated areas and extinguishing small structure fires such as sheds.

Earlier in the month, Pasco County Fire Rescue and Tampa Fire Rescue teamed up with the American Victory Ship in Tampa to participate in confined-space training.

The American Victory Ship and Museum is a nonprofit organization in Channelside and is one of four fully operational World War II ships in the country. The American Victory Ship is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places.

The training took place April 14 and firefighters practiced rescuing patients from the bottom of the ship’s hull and lifting the patient through a narrow, 24-inch-wide, 60-foot-long shaft that led to the ship’s deck.

According to a Pasco Fire Rescue press release, “the interdepartmental training is extremely valuable to ensure a successful outcome during specialized rescue operations.”