Pasco Crime Report: Caregiver steals from patient

Kelly Deann Stewart, 29, was arrested in New Port Richey after she stole jewelry from an elderly man while working as a home-health caregiver. She sold the jewelry at a local pawn shop.

Caregiver steals from patient

NEW PORT RICHEY – Kelly Deann Stewart, 29, was arrested Oct. 29 at her New Port Richey apartment on charges of grand theft of between $750 and $5,000 and dealing in stolen property.

According to Pasco Sheriff’s reports, Stewart worked as a home-health caregiver and was stealing from a patient in Hudson. Stewart is accused of stealing several pieces of jewelry from the man’s bedroom. The victim said the stolen items consisted of several rings and hat pins work approximately $2,840. He did not realize the jewelry was stolen until Oct. 28 and did not report it to the sheriff’s office until Oct. 29.

Deputies conducted a pawn search on Stewart and the results showed she sold several rings and hat pins on Oct. 4 at a Pasco County pawn shop. Deputies brought the victim to the pawn shop and he positively identified the rings and hat pins as his own property. Stewart received $1,214 for pawning the jewelry.

When contacted by deputies, Stewart admitted to stealing and pawning the jewelry. She said she committed the crimes because she “needed the money,” according to the police report.

Rape, changing stories

HOLIDAY – Pasco Sheriff’s deputies arrested 30-year-old Aaron Hood of Holiday after he raped a woman in his house.

According to police reports, the victim arrived at Hood’s home on Oct. 21. She told deputies Hood began kissing her even though she told him she was not interested.

Hood is then accused of grabbing the victim’s arm and pulling her into a bedroom. She said Hood forced her onto the bed and raped her, holding her down and shoving her underwear into her mouth so she could not make any noise. The victim said she was also being choked, causing her to be in fear for her life. After raping the victim, Hood then told her to get out of his house, the report states.

Deputies contacted Hood at his home on Oct. 28. The defendant first said he did not know the victim and no one came over to his house on Oct. 21. Hood then changed his story and said the victim was there but never came inside. The story changed again, stating that the victim had been inside but they never had sex. Then Hood said they did have sex, but that it “was the victim’s idea and he was just trying to be nice,” the reports state.

Trading child porn for gift cards

HOLIDAY – A Holiday man was arrested on 10 charges of possession of child pornography when investigators found images on his phone.

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputies detained Charles Lee Robert Oberdorf, 21, at his home on the morning of Oct. 30. Tips gathered by investigators were linked to Oberdorf’s phone number and email addresses.

Oberdorf admitted to obtaining the images and sharing them online, doing so several times in return for gift cards. The 10 charges represent 10 of the images located on Oberdorf’s phone or email accounts.