TARPON SPRINGS — City employees began installing plaques on downtown buildings recently, part of a project designed to commemorate the history of the district.

The program, which will initially see more than a dozen buildings decorated with the black and gold markers, is a collaboration between the city and the Tarpon Springs Area Historical Society and includes buildings that were identified in a “walking tour” booklet that was produced by the city’s cultural department many years ago, according to Economic Development Manager Karen Lemmons.

“This is a project to commemorate history and add an educational and fun element for locals and visitors to the Downtown area,” Lemmons said via email, noting they asked for permission and obtained a signed agreement from the building owners before proceeding with the creation and installation of the signs.

She said the city is paying for the 13 plaques, which cost $10,000, with Community Redevelopment Agency funds, as well as installing and maintaining them, and Lemmons said after the installation of the initial baker’s dozen she anticipates they will be doing more.

“We are working with the Tarpon Springs Area Historical Society on a continuing program for these plaques as well as a local Historic Marker program,” Lemmons said, adding the initial 13 plaques are to be placed at the following buildings: 203 E. Tarpon Ave; 106 E. Tarpon Ave; 118 E. Tarpon Ave; 101 E. Tarpon Ave; 153 E. Tarpon Ave; 134 E. Tarpon Ave; 111 E. Tarpon Ave; 139 E. Tarpon Ave; 121 E. Tarpon Ave; 160 E. Tarpon Ave; 17 and 21 N. Safford Ave; and 150 E. Tarpon Ave.