The Wave International

Clients feel at ease when visiting the 10-acre property that features a swimming pool, tennis courts, meditation space, gazebo and more.

BROOKSVILLE — The Wave International, a mental health and behavioral healthcare company, is committed to helping women build up their confidence while overcoming mental health issues in a new facility at 7300 Grove Road in Brooksville.

As a residential and outpatient treatment center, The Wave is one-of-a-kind in that it provides mental health treatment to women only, offering varying levels of care. The organization and its facilities are Joint Commission accredited and fully licensed by the Agency for Health Care Administration. The staff specializes in treating depression, anxiety, causes of addiction, bipolar disorder, PTSD, marital and sexual issues, postpartum depression, mood disorders, and many other mental and behavioral health challenges.

“Twenty women can live within the accommodations on 10 acres of ranch-style property, and it’ll bring about 30 new jobs to the area,” said Victoria Clark, director for The Wave International. “We are a holistic-based facility offering therapy outdoors, along with meditation and yoga, addressing the physical and mental health needs of our clients. The grounds also house a pool and tennis courts.”

Clients can keep their mobile phones and laptops with them throughout their stay, allowing them to stay connected with their loved ones and work.

After opening their first all-women’s mental health facility in Clearwater, The Wave noticed a growing need to expand support systems for women traveling not just from Florida but out of state. Clark said women seeking treatment typically stay for a 30- to 45-day period or may choose to start with the outpatient day program, consisting of group and individual therapy sessions, at three to five days a week.

Clients will often transition from residential care to the outpatient day and evening program, which has helped clients ease back into everyday life while still receiving treatment.

“We want women to feel a sense of belonging,” Clark said. “What makes The Wave so is that fact that we’re an all-women’s facility. That isn’t easy to find in itself, but on top of that, we’re primarily mental health. Most treatment facilities are primarily substance abuse with secondary mental health, and we address women who want to deal with any history of trauma in a safe and comfortable environment.”

Upon entering the facility, women feel at ease and welcome. Throughout their stay, clients build a support system inside the facility and gain a sense of power from their treatments.

When COVID-19 became a challenge, The Wave decided to open up its telehealth services, benefiting those living at home. Whether as a residential patient or one who seeks outpatient treatment, The Wave positively impacts the community by fulfilling the needs left behind by the mental health care gap.

For more information, visit or call 352-251-0206.