After decades of service, married Pasco Sheriff’s lieutenants retire together

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Arthur Fremer signs off from his patrol vehicle for the last time. He and his wife, Christine — also a lieutenant with the sheriff’s office — retired on the same day last month.

“I’ll be signing off for the last time, going 10-7,” Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Arthur Fremer said over a radio call to a dispatcher last month.

In police code, going 10-7 means going out of service. Completely. And moments later, Lt. Christine Fremer’s voice came through Arthur Fremer’s patrol vehicle radio speakers to announce she, too, will be 10-7.

The married law enforcement couple signed out for the last time June 15 after serving with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office for more than 30 years. The Sheriff’s Office posted video of the final radio call from Arthur Fremer’s patrol vehicle on its Facebook page.

“I just want to say thanks to all you,” Arthur Fremer said. “It’s been a tremendous ride and I’ve been blessed and so fortunate to be part of it with all of you guys.”

The dispatcher then put through Unit 657 on the call. “I’ll be 10-7 for the last time,” Christine Fremer said. “It’s been an honor and a pleasure to work side by side with the men and women of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. Stay safe and watch out for each other.”

The Fremers’ final calls went out to all units and the dispatcher provided a summary of the couple’s 30-plus year careers with the Sheriff’s Office.

Christine Fremer’s path took her from being a corporal to a detective in multiple departments before becoming a sergeant of Inspectorate and Professional Standards in 2003 and lieutenant in 2008.

Arthur Fremer served as a detective until 2005 when he was promoted to sergeant, eventually overseeing Professional Standards as inspector. Fremer received a promotion to lieutenant in 2010, “where he made a positive impact on all those who surround him in his 31 years of service,” the dispatcher said. The dispatcher added that Fremer “served the community with honor and integrity and set an example for what a law enforcement officer should be.”

“We’re proud of your service and dedication and wish you a happy and healthy retirement,” the dispatcher said. “You’ll be greatly missed by your second family, all those who have worked with you.”

Arthur Fremer responded, “(Unit) 712, copy that. Thank you.”