3 River Ridge High teens vandalize unnamed school


Three River Ridge High School students were arrested last week after surveillance footage captured them breaking into campus buildings of an unidentified school in New Port Richey, deputies say.

The juveniles were all listed by Pasco County Sheriff’s Office reports as 16-year-old sophomores. Suncoast News doesn’t identify juveniles younger than 18.

Police reports redacted all mentions of which school was vandalized. Pasco Sheriff’s Public Information Officer, Amanda Hunter, responded to an email stating that the victims in the case cannot be identified due to Marsy’s Law.

The crimes occurred Tuesday night, July 21, when the teens entered “Building 5” on campus by pushing open a window, deputies said. The defendants found a lanyard with keys, exited Building 5, unlocked a shed on campus and removed a tennis ball.

Reports state the teens then re-entered Building 5, went to a supply room and threw miscellaneous items on the ground, including potting soil, supplies and counting blocks. They also reportedly obtained shaving cream and emptied the contents onto the carpet.

At one point, a fire extinguisher was taken and discharged throughout the building. One of the defendants threw the extinguisher into a wooded area after leaving Building 5, the report states.

A second fire extinguisher was found in another campus shed and the teens discharged it while still inside.

It was expected to cost $3,800 to clean up the teens’ damage, according to the report.

The teens were arrested two days after the incident, Thursday, July 23, and all three face six charges each. The charges include forced entry/burglary into an unoccupied business, two counts of fire extinguisher theft and trespassing on school grounds.

According to the report, one of the teens told deputies he wanted to create memories with his friends before moving out of the state, while the others did not provide statements.