Two arrested in connection to Hudson homicide, robbery

Tyler Burgos, 20, left, and Destiny Burgos, 21

HUDSON – Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested two New Port Richey residents March 31 in connection to a shooting in Hudson that left a male victim dead.

Tyler George Burgos, 20, and Destiny Marie Burgos, 21, were arrested at approximately 5:20 a.m., March 31. According to and emailed response from the sheriff’s office, the two “are boyfriend/girlfriend, who happen to have the same last name.”

Sheriff’s office involvement began during the early morning hours of March 31 when Pasco County Communications received a call regarding a shooting in Hudson. Responding units reported discovering a dead male inside a camper parked on a residential property.

Deputies interviewed the victim’s girlfriend, who stated she was present during the incident and that the only occupants in the camper were the victim, Tyler Burgos and herself. Reports state that the witness knew Tyler Burgos as “Savage.”

The victim’s girlfriend told deputies she was in the bedroom when she heard six or seven gunshots coming from just outside the bedroom. The victim then fell into the bedroom and was unresponsive on the floor, as reported by the witness, and Tyler Burgos entered the room possessing a firearm in his right hand. The witness reported that Tyler Burgos then intentionally shot the victim one more time and told her “If you tell, I’ll kill you.”

The witness then told deputies Tyler Burgos grabbed a black-and-white backpack from the living room which contained in excess of $100,000 cash and assorted narcotics, including Xanax pills. The witness told deputies the backpack belonged to the victim and herself and that Tyler Burgos did not have permission to take it before leaving the property.

The witness told deputies Tyler Burgos was wearing a black, zippered hoodie and black or gray sweatpants. The witness also provided Tyler Burgos’ Facebook account, “Ty Savage,” and his phone number. Reports state that a database search by deputies found that the phone number was associated with Destiny Burgos.

Deputies located Destiny Burgos’ vehicle, a 2013 Nissan SUV, driving northbound on U.S. Highway 19 in New Port Richey and sheriff’s office deputies conducted a traffic stop. Reports state that Tyler Burgos was in the vehicle and fled, but was apprehended by a sheriff’s office K9 unit.

Upon apprehension, Tyler Burgos was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and black sweatpants, reports state. A black-and-white backpack was observed in the vehicle and a large amount of cash was also located in Tyler Burgos’ possession and inside the vehicle.

The victim’s girlfriend was transported to the scene of the traffic stop and she identified Tyler Burgos as the suspect who shot and killed her boyfriend.

During an interview with deputies, Tyler Burgos stated he was a front-seat passenger in the Nissan SUV and he fled because he possessed marijuana and didn’t want to be arrested. The suspect also told deputies he possessed “a couple grand” in cash and he swallowed two, 2-milligram Xanax pills prior to fleeing from the vehicle.

Reports state Tyler Burgos told deputies he was at his grandmother’s residence prior to the traffic stop, but he was unable to provide her last name or address. The suspect told deputies he knew the victim, but when asked about the homicide, Tyler Burgos requested to speak with an attorney. The report states that the suspect “spontaneously stated, when referring to (the victim’s) residence, “When I left, I got what I needed to get.”

Further investigation found that the victim’s camper is equipped with video surveillance equipment and deputy-reviewed footage showed Tyler Burgos interacting with the victim, the report states. Investigators reported viewing that the victim turned away from the suspect and that’s when the suspect displayed a firearm and intentionally shot at least three times in the direction of the victim, who then stumbled out of the camera’s view. The report states Tyler Burgos, wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and dark pants, is then seen following the victim into the bedroom.

According to the report, the investigation found the crime to be premeditated in the attempt to commit a robbery. Tyler Burgos was arrested and charged with homicide while engaged in robbery.

Destiny Burgos was arrested and charged with fleeing law enforcement officers with sirens activated and refusing to sign a citation. According to police reports, the traffic stop began when a sheriff’s office patrol vehicle activated its emergency lights at the intersection of U.S. 19 and Trouble Creek Road. The vehicle turned east onto Trouble Creek and did not stop, fleeing across the intersections of Grand Boulevard and Madison Street. The fleeing vehicle then turned north onto Rowan Road. Reports state that other responding deputies deployed stop sticks and the vehicle continued to flee from multiple units in pursuit.

The vehicle eventually lost a tire, the report states, and slowed to turn east on Plathe Road from Rowan Road, where it came to a stop on the right shoulder at the intersection of Plathe and Adams Morgan Drive.

Once the vehicle stopped, reports state Destiny Burgos exited and put her hands up while Tyler Burgos exited and fled northbound into a wooded area. The foot chase with deputies covered approximately 4.01 miles, the report states.

A high bond for Destiny Burgos was requested by investigators, the report states, because of her potential involvement with the homicide.