Compliance checks to be sure underage buyers aren’t getting alcohol or nicotine products resulted in 10 stores being in violation of the law, the Sheriff’s Office said in a press release.

On Jan. 19, undercover detectives went to various locations throughout the county.

They visited 12 locations; nine were checked for the illegal sale of alcohol, and three were checked for the illegal sale of nicotine items, including vape pens.

Only two of the nine clerks did not permit the sale of alcoholic beverages to the underage customer, successfully following the law. Clerks at seven businesses allowed the underage customer to purchase an alcoholic beverage, a violation of the Florida Beverage Law, F.S.S. 562.11.

Clerks at all three businesses checked for nicotine sales allowed the underage customer to buy nicotine vape pens.

The offenders have to complete Responsible Vendor Training, an online course administered by the Hernando County Community Anti-Drug Coalition, within 30 days of the violation. 

The course reinforces the importance of responsible alcohol and tobacco sales and service, reviews Florida beverage laws, and demonstrates practices on how to prevent alcohol sales to underage persons.

Stores in compliance were at 15310 Cortez Blvd. (7-Eleven) and 9410 Cortez Blvd. (RaceTrac).

The following stores were in violation, allowed the sale of alcohol to an underage person:

  • 7432 Brookridge Central Blvd. (A&H Discount Beverage)
  • 4120 Commercial Way (ABC Fine Wine & Spirits)
  • 12984 Cortez Blvd. (Wawa)
  • 4060 Deltona Blvd. (A to Z Discount Beverages)
  • 9605 Commercial Way (Liquors)
  • 9202 Commercial Way (Marathon)
  • 6210 Commercial Way (Liquor Depot)

The following stores were in violation, allowed the sale of nicotine to an underage person:

  • 101 Pone De Leon Blvd. (Texaco)
  • 4384 Commercial Way (Dr. Smoke, Tobacco, & Vapor)
  • 7279 Forest Oaks Blvd. (Higher Up Smoke Shop)

More operations of this nature are planned for the future.