TouchPoint Medical’s new world headquarters on South Branch Boulevard has been completed and is in the process of being occupied.

LAND O’ LAKES — Pasco County is adding $100,000 to TouchPoint Medical’s economic incentive agreement for the purpose of making truck access improvements.

TouchPoint Medical, which now has its world headquarters off State Road 54, near the Suncoast Parkway, made the official request to the County Commission for $100,000 at its Feb.4 meeting. Commissioner unanimously approved the request.

TouchPoint Medical, which makes medical hardware and software, has completed construction of the 125,000-square-foot complex within the South Branch Ranch Master Unit Planned Development and is beginning to occupy the new facility. The construction project, managed by Redwood City, California-based DPR Construction, took less than a year to complete.

According to officials, the building has frontage and primary access on South Branch Boulevard, which is the primary internal collector for South Branch Ranch. The MPUD which consists of a large residential community adjacent to the company’s property which shares primary collector road status.

Outbound traffic leaving TouchPoint’s facility must use a roundabout adjacent to the residential neighborhood’s clubhouse and recreational amenities.

In order to avoid vehicular and pedestrian conflicts with the residential neighborhood, TouchPoint is proposing construction of a truck and heavy commercial vehicle driveway on the eastern side of the building to direct all heavy vehicles leaving or entering the facility to S.R. 54 by using an existing state frontage road, thereby eliminating all truck traffic from using South Branch Boulevard.

It is expected removing the company’s truck traffic will improve public safety in the MPUD.

The Florida Department of Transportation has reviewed TouchPoint’s proposal and is requiring the company to undertake road and intersection improvements within the FDOT right of way necessitated by the proposed truck and commercial vehicle traffic.

The FDOT-required improvements are estimated to cost $350,000.

Additionally, the truck driveway construction costs leading up to the right-of-way are estimated at $500,000 bringing the total cost of construction for the alternate truck driveway to approximately $800,000.