Bravado CEO Brian McMillan, left, makes remarks prior to the ribbon cutting at his company’s new facility, in the Lutz area, as Pasco EDC President and CEO Bill Cronin, center, and County Commission Chairman Mike Moore listen to his presentation.

LUTZ — With news reports of the corona virus in the background, it seemed fitting that Pasco County celebrated its newest industrial resident which brings the science and skills that could perhaps aid in the treatment or prevention of the world’s latest microbial threat.

On March 2, Bravado Pharmaceuticals officially opened the doors of its new 7,500-square-foot facility, at 4121 Cyprus Gulch Drive.

The company, helmed by Wesley Chapel resident and pharmaceutical development scientist Brian McMillan, is investing $3 million in the plant and its equipment and plans to hire more than 20 employees over the next three years.

McMillan was almost speechless when he mixed with the people who came to welcome the new endeavor.

“It’s pretty incredible to look around,” McMillan said. “I’ve got a lot of people I love and care about here.”

Making the day even more of a special family event, the Bravado CEO noted the day also marked his daughter’s 25th birthday.

McMillan also noted that those who helped in building the project “did things right.”

“The good thing is because we had to do things right, when the Department of Health came into inspect it took four hours,” he said. “Sometimes, that can take days. We got it right the first time which is incredible.”

Pasco EDC President and CEO Bill Cronin said it was a “cool way to celebrate a Monday on this occasion with a local company.”

“It just made our whole week and it’s another great day in Pasco County,” he said.

Cronin said he had been “continually impressed” with Bravado as watched the progress of the project.

“Brian has over 30 years of experience, and the fact that he chose to create this facility here – just a couple of miles away from where he lives — is really important to all of us,” Cronin said, referring to McMillan. “This is a testament to that ‘live, work, play’ community that we created here. We are going to be proud to brag about you as a success here in this community.”

He also noted McMillan is bringing in top scientists who, working with area universities, will aim to “service virtually any type of disease.”

“That in itself is something we’re proud of because you are on the good side of business. You are helping people,” Cronin said.

Pasco Commission Chairman Mike Moore, who lives near the new Bravado facility, welcomed his newest neighbor to the community.

“We are so excited for Brian and his team,” Moore said. “We are actually excited for the community because what you are doing here is only going to benefit this county and the surrounding area. I’m confident this is going to be great.”