Treachery wins

The much-awaited presidential election for Venezuela to select the replacement of the dangerous and volatile Marxist Hugo Chavez is over. But this was not an ordinary election. One candidate, Nicolas Maduro, trained in Cuba and a member of Chavez inner circle, was handpicked by both the deceased dictator and his Cuban allies. He was challenged by the governor of the state of Miranda, Henrique Capriles, who had considerable democratic support.
At the time this was written, it appears that the Chavistas have once again found a way to remain in power. What is more certain is that Maduro will continue to take Venezuela down the path of violence and poverty, violating the political and civil rights of all who oppose tyranny, and of course will continue to financially support with petrodollars the regime of Raul Castro. At the end of the day, the communist government of Cuba is the real victor. Venezuela gives $4 billion in oil for free to the island nation, so it is in Havana’s best interest to ensure that Maduro remains in power.
It is well documented that Cuba sent a number of agents — 2,500 according to the Spanish newspaper ABC — to manipulate the election in favor of Maduro. Already Cuba has thousands of agents disguised as medical doctors in the country to ensure that the Castro regime remains in control of the government in Caracas.
Capriles fought a tough fight but faced the Cuban forces coupled with the political, economic and military interests of the Chavistas in power. The Venezuelan people must continue to fight for democracy especially against the foreign interference of a Cuban regime that will stop at nothing to help Maduro remain in power. Venezuela is a victim of that treachery.
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