SCN goes on its 6214 Farewell Tour

Whenever you move, isnít it amazing all the junk you accumulate over the years? Your humble Suncoast News crew can attest to that. We just packed our bags to move from our old office of nearly three decades at 6214 U.S. 19. Packing began to resemble an archaeological dig at our old building. Show of hands: anybody remember Kodak Tri-X ISO 400 black-and-white 35mm film? Or bulk film loaders? I suppose you could find some suckers ó oops, I mean, customers ó on eBay. We had been at U.S. 19 and Main Street since 1985, believe it or not. We got this cavernous, former supermarket building primarily for our presses. About six or seven years ago, though, we quit printing The Suncoast News here. Weíve been talking about moving the office ever since. Trust me, you might faint from the shock if you ever saw our electric bill at 6214!
By now, we should be ensconced in our new digs at 8609 Regency Park Blvd. in the Regency Crossing shopping center along Ridge Road. The Suncoast News has witnessed many changes over its past half-century or so and is still going strong today. Imagine modern conveniences we take for granted today that we didnít have back in 1985. Mobile phones? Maybe the first brick-sized models. Smartphones? Fuhgetaboutit! Laptop computers were still a gleam in the eye. The World Wide Web had yet to take off. The pre-Windows MS-DOS era still ruled personal computing. Appleís line of Mac desktop computers had been on sale for only a year. Compact discs hadnít been around much longer but already were decimating sales of vinyl LP albums and 45 rpm singles. A large-screen TV set measured about 25 inches diagonally in a clunky CRT picture-tube behemoth that almost needed a crane to move it. VCRs were the only way to record TV shows for time shifting. I still shudder to think about those dark days of film developing. Itís been about 10 years since we switched to shooting all of our photos on digital cameras. So much for the rosy glow of nostalgia! Onward and upward, I always say.
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