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It’s ironic that many of the same people who insist on all kinds of restrictions, safeguards and proof of identity to prevent voting fraud, which is after all infinitesimal, refuse to support universal background checks to buy weapons. No ballot to my knowledge has ever killed anyone.

Speaking of guns, if “stand your ground” laws work so well to protect you physically, how about we apply them to other threats — like when bankers, insurance adjusters, car salesmen or Realtors mess with you? I bet they’d be a lot less careless with their ethical standards if they knew you had the right to shoot them!

Here’s a sobering thought for all you seniors who believe you’re “young at heart.” Consider this: if you’re 70, babies who won’t even be born until 2062 are closer to being 20 than you are.

Talk about strange bedfellows, or then again maybe not. The U.N. has voted to control the multibillion dollar global weapons trade. The treaty covers everything from combat aircraft and warships to missiles and small arms.

The vote was 154 to 3 with only Syria, North Korea and Iran voting no. Joining these blood-soaked regimes in opposing the international sales of arms used in war crimes, genocide and terrorism was the National Rifle Association.

Conservatives’ objection to contraceptive coverage under “Obamacare” has me confused. They insist on imposing a “conscience clause” allowing employers to deny contraceptive coverage to women if such methods are morally objectionable. But in all other matters, “sin” is determined by what is in your heart. But these same folks have no objection to what’s referred to as the rhythm method, the purpose of which is to not conceive. So tell me how is that any “morally” different than condoms or the pill?

If minimum wage laws are so detrimental to businesses and “destroy jobs,” maybe we should institute maximum wage laws — say, $100 per hour for CEOs. Think of the money corporations would have available for expansion, job creation and R&D if they didn’t have to pay those astronomical salaries and perks.

A recent email slithered into my in box repeating the erroneous claim that hammers and knives kill more people than guns. It also attributes the 195,000 deaths from medical and pharmaceutical mistakes to “Obamacare,” so guess where this was headed.

Here are the FBI’s homicide data by category for 2011: firearms, 67.8 percent or 8,583 murders; blunt objects, including those treacherous hammers and baseball bats, 3.9 percent. So, a 17-to-1 ratio of guns to hammers, bats, lamps, golf clubs and frozen turkeys. If hammers are outlawed only liars will have hammers.

Does it never occur to the cretins who forward this crap to question “facts” that simply appear ludicrous on their face? Or are they so delusional they make perfect sense to them? Scary.

Marty Moore is a freelance writer living in Port Richey.

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