Letters to the edtior, Nov. 9

No horse sense
I love horses. Their owners, not so much.
Along Starkey Boulevard, between the entrance to Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park and DeCubellis Road, there is a concrete pedestrian walkway that is also used by a bunch of horse riders. They leave their horse droppings on that walkway. This makes for a very unpleasant walk or bike ride.
Responsible dog owners pick up after their pets. Horse riders should do the same if they have to use that walkway. Please clean up after your horses.
Elizabeth Szasz
New Port Richey
Save money
As a retired journalist, former magazine editor and student of the written word, I have friends in the publishing business who continually grouse about the cost of printing supplies in today’s economy. As The Suncoast News mysteriously appears on my driveway each week, I see you keep publishing the nonsensical political views of columnist Marty Moore.
May I suggest you invest what you are now spending on paper and ink in publishing Moore and instead purchase a manure spreader and use it to pave the streets of Pasco County. You will get the same effect for a lot less money.
Steve Fielder
Port Richey
No understanding
Democrats have always misunderstood economics, and the Oct. 26 letter “No Comparison” is a good example.
Barack Obama and the Democrats’ approach to health care is a prime example of the communist credo of redistributing wealth from the “rich” to the “poor.” It is typical of the Democrats’ twisted view of society, which hardly promotes freedom, but rather destroys the very free market concepts that have made the United States the greatest social and economic system that has ever existed.
To associate communism with the Republican Party, as the letter did, is absurd — as absurd as classifying “supply side economics” as a communist concept.
Fasano and Crist, one must assume, will now embrace the Democrats’ philosophy of complete government control over the people and the economy, and reject the freedoms expressed and embraced by the Republican credo of smaller government and maximum personal freedoms, with a minimum interference in all free market activities.
Lee Hanson
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