Letters to the editor, Sept. 25

Sidewalks needed
It’s high time the Pasco County commission stops treating Holiday like a stepchild and spends some Penny for Pasco loot on installing sidewalks on Mile Stretch Road. I have driven Mile Stretch for more than 40 years, and in this time the traffic has increased more than 10-fold.
Today, because of the terrible economy and low ridership on the pitiful public transit system, more and more people walk to the stores, library, many churches, schools, shops, and mainly up to U.S. 19 for food and groceries.
Daily I see walkers on both sides of the road, including disabled people in motorized wheel chairs, taking their lives in their hands to get to their destination. Just a month ago, a young mother pushing a stroller with two other little ones in tow had to navigate a frequent rain pool right by the Pasco Fire Rescue Station by walking directly into the eastbound lane because she had no choice.
The politicians who promised so much while making their pitch for the Penny should forget their pals’ pet projects and see how well worn the roadside paths of the walkers are.
It is my hope that readers who live in the communities along Mile Stretch, who frequent the Library, all the churches, the stores and shops, will wake up and flood the Pasco Commission with their complaints until something is done.
John Stratford
About money
New Port Richey considering contracting for animal control services with Pasco County is about saving money for the glorious city budget but it should be about the safety of residents.
Vicious dogs run around neighborhoods within city limits all the time. I’m sure there has been a serious dog attack, someone is going to the ER or just dealing with the stray dog problem on his or her own.
Try call the city of Pasco Animal Services about a stray dog and nothing happens. Neither would put a dog to sleep if, by some miracle, one is picked up.
Your tax dollars at work.
Don Franco
New Port Richey
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