Letters to the editor, Oct. 19

Big eyesore
I have lived in the Port Richey area for close to 10 years. I’ve see some improvements, but some things are still the same.
The biggest eyesore is the former Service Merchandise building on U.S. 19. Maybe with all the businesses that went to Wesley Chapel and Trinity, some company could use the building.
I travel U.S. 19 and it’s all empty stores. Maybe we need more advertisement for Port Richey.
Tony Bendzel
Port Richey
True colors
Republicans in Pasco should hold Mike Fasano responsible for his outlandish behavior for spending money on the Democratic candidate in the Oct. 15 Florida House District 36 special election.
While remaining a registered Republican, Mike Fasano actually left the Republican Party when now U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio was the Republican candidate, and Fasano toured the state supporting Charlie Crist.
He did radio ads and robocalls for the Democrat in Tuesday’s special election and has admitted he voted for the Democratic candidate.
Now that Fasano showed his true colors, let’s hope he will switch to the Democratic Party, where he belongs.
Bill Bunting
The writer is the Pasco Republican state committeeman.
No more parties
Americans should start voting out U.S. representatives and senators. Most of them have been in office far too long. Most of them do what they feel like, not what the people of the United States want.
We should get rid of the so-called government parties — the Republicans and Democrats — and vote people in who will do what the people want and not what their party wants. Representatives and senators should be limited to serving no more than 20 years. They should be up for re-election every four years, and after five terms they would be done.
There are far too many right- and left-wingers who are holding on to old ideals. It’s time to get rid of the dinosaurs and put some fresh new leaders in control.
If we get rid of political parties, there wouldn’t be all the bickering we have today.
Michael Delicato
Port Richey
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