Letters to the editor, Nov. 27

Women victims
Interesting article in your Nov. 9 edition on New Port Richey's new ordinance for controlling street prostitution, as opposed to more affluent women in the same business. I wonder how these women are expected to pay huge fines for probable sexual misbehavior when their lives are in such desperate situations that they must solicit in public and likely any earnings are taken by pimps.
These women are the victims in a society that promotes sex as entertainment in almost all walks of life. The real criminals are the men who are using these women. In some states sexual abuse of someone with mental impairment, whether from illness, accident, psychological trauma, hunger or despair, is considered rape. That is something sex predators need to consider.
Sentencing women in the sex profession to lengthy jail terms only makes sense if it is accompanied by rehabilitation. How long does it take to sign up someone for social services such as food stamps and other financial assistance?
I hope something is done soon.
Doris Lee
Port Richey
Wrong hammer
Gerald Goen's Nov. 23 letter on the supposed virtues of Obamacare started with the ridiculous statement that those losing their health care insurance should be giving “Thanks.” He defends the Obamacare disaster as setting minimal standards so one won't be faced with bankruptcy. Who is the government to tell anyone what policy is good for them?
Let's see: A late 60s couple must have maternity coverage; a person who has never used illegal substances must carry substance abuse coverage; contraceptives for males; and the list goes on. I dare say that probably more than 90 percent of those being cancelled were very happy with coverage that was adequate for them.
In addition, the Healthcare.gov website is a complete fiasco. Those who have been able to navigate to the rates and options Web pages are blown away with rates that are double and triple what they had, higher co-pays and outlandish deductibles.
When the one year illegal corporate extension for group policies starts next year, corporate cancellations will be in the tens of millions.
We don't need a sledgehammer to fix the system, but rather a tack hammer.
Charles “Chuck” Salzmann
New Port Richey
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