Letters to the editor, Nov. 23

Thank Obamacare
The people being dropped by their health insurance companies should give “thanks” to the Affordable Care Act. Yes, thanks, not complaints.
The act sets minimal standards for a person so he or she will not be faced with bankruptcy because of expensive health conditions. Receiving the letter from the insurance company is a shot across the bow that the person does not have adequate insurance coverage. If fact, some would call it “junk” insurance, or no real protection at all.
Actually, the person who is under-insured is only a step better than the person with no health insurance. Both will wind up in the hospital and be cared for, but at the expense of the rest of us.
The under-insured will undoubtedly not seek early medical treatment or go for preventive screenings. This will mean when they finally do seek treatment, it will be many times more expensive, and, again, the rest of us will pay for it. The under-insured need to understand how group insurance works and face up to their responsibility to carry adequate health insurance.
Gerald Goen
Tarpon Springs
Democrats’ deficits
Marty Moore’s Nov. 13 “More of those Inconvenient, Pesky Facts” column needs a reality check.
He stated George W. Bush, not Barack Obama, is responsible for the fiscal 2009 federal deficit. The 2009 budget bill was passed by the Democratic majority. No Republicans in the House voted for it and only two in the Senate did. The Congressional Budget Office estimated a $400 billion deficit. In October 2008, Congress pushed through the $700 billion Trouble Asset Relief Program, with Obama, then still a senator, and Sens. Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton voting yes.
In 2009, the Democratic Congress passed an $800 billion stimulus bill with only three Republican votes and followed that with another $400 billion in spending three weeks later. Obama signed them all. The $400 billion deficit forecast became $1.4 trillion, three times larger than Bush’s biggest deficit. Obama and the Democrats own these deficits.
Dan Stanhope
Palm Harbor
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