Letters to the editor, May 31

Moore unbelievable
After reading Marty Moore’s May 24 op-ed page column “Benghazi Redux Just a GOP Political Ploy,” he makes it so easy to see through his anti-Republican hatred; that he is totally tone deaf to his own skewed rantings and has no legitimacy in his writings whatsoever.
Either that or he is so loyal to his own liberal party he simply doesn’t care what the truth is. Why you might ask? One simple paragraph tells it all: “Yes, initially the administration did mislead Americans about the attack on Sept. 11, 2012.” How dumb can one writer be?
What else does this administration he is so lovingly devoted to mislead Americans about? The actual unemployment rate? The IRS scandal? Mr. Obama’s college records?
As a small child my father taught me that a man is as good as his word. If he lies once, he’ll lie again. Well the truth matters to me. Moore obviously could care less. He has no credibility at all.
Michael Donahue
New Port Richey
It’s people
In response to the May 24 “Guns Do Kill” letter to the editor, when people are so disturbed they want to kill other members of society as a response to their own troubles, they will find a way. Guns are but one means amongst many others. People who wish to do harm will find a way. You can’t take guns away from good people to stop bad people from killing other good people. Good people having guns will help stop bad people, period.
There are already laws that stifle good people from possessing, carrying and using guns to defend themselves against bad people. Bad people will break the laws, for laws of and by themselves don’t stop bad people, good people stop bad people. The good people at Sandy Hook Elementary probably wished they had a means to fight back.
That’s what we learn from such tragedies: Good people need to have the means to defend themselves against bad people. The common denominator will always be people killing people.
Terry Reinhart
Port Richey
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