Letters to the editor, May 3

Not so great
I thought I would do a little research myself because the April 26 op-ed page column by Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation and Fox News contributor Travis H. Brown was biased based on who they work for and they cherry-picked the information to declare, “Thanks to the pro-growth tax policies of Rick Scott and no personal income tax we have an economic boom.”
The facts: three of the top 10 states in job creation in the U.S. don’t have a personal income tax. Florida ranked seventh, Texas ranked eighth and Nevada, which gets its tax money from gambling, ranks second. This tells me that personal income tax is not a big factor.
Here is how Florida ranks in other factors: fourth highest in health care uninsured; 28th in quality of life and education; 40th in cost of doing business; 35th in being business friendly; 38th in economy; ranked worst in income inequality; 40th in household income; and 17th highest in people living below the poverty line.
In addition, Scott turned down federal grants for modern rail and refused to set up a state health care insurance exchange.
I hope Floridians do a little research on their own before voting in the election in November and check the resumes of the candidates. Scott headed a company, HCA, that committed the biggest Medicaid fraud in history and claimed he didn’t know what was going on. Is that the best we can do for governor?
M. Leslie Nichols
New Port Richey
Mixed reaction
I viewed the editorial cartoon by Andy Marlette in your April 30 editions, which satirized Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy as “old bigots” who have been put out to pasture, with mixed emotions.
While I do not agree with what these two men said or how they said it, I do feel that as Americans they have the right to say it.
The First Amendment applies to every American — even bigoted journalists, regardless of age.
Charles Coffiey
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