Letters to the editor, May 14

Pave Plathe
Regarding your news story on the city of New Port Richey considering paving a portion of Plathe Road to provide an additional entrance to the James E. Grey Preserve, maybe now that Mayor Rob Marlowe has seen for himself what he called the “deplorable” condition of the road, maybe something finally will be done. If they pave that section of Plathe Road, good access to the beautiful Grey Preserve will be attained.
Kudos to Mayor Marlowe.
Grace Kessel
New Port Richey
Prayer answered
Attention people who want to have maintenance or repair work done on their autos. Maybe you can learn from my experience.
My Mazda needed a lot of work so I found some coupons, but the first for-service places would not do the services printed on the coupons. So I did not have any trust in them.
I came home and asked God in prayer, “What now?” I am a senior and I was not given good service. So I went to a phone book and there was the Milex/Mr. Transmission in Holiday. I went there and was more than 100 percent happy with the service I received from Richard Booth, the general manager, and his assistant, Tommy Phillips. I suggest people check them out.
Linda Knode
Anyone care?
Does anyone else care that we are being lied to by our government about the Benghazi attack? Is the “mainstream” media in the tank for socialist Democrats?
How about the Associated Press? Where is it? Why does the media either ignore or downplay any questions about this attack?
Our country is in real trouble if its journalists will not seek out and report the truth. Is journalism dead in this country? Is protecting President Barack Obama the main goal or are they, and you, controlled by far-left socialists?
People, think about what you are being told, or “not told,” in the mainstream media. Why do we stand for this? What are we letting our country become? Wake up before it’s too late.
Mike Flavin
Spring Hill
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