Letters to the editor, May 10

No tutoring
So now the Obama administration is tutoring witnesses being called to testify in Congress about the death of American diplomats in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012.
Hmm, isn’t that what a defense attorney does with his guilty clients? How about if we tutor them to tell the truth? That would be different.
In my opinion this is a waste of time. They already know how to claim the Fifth Amendment.
Joe Chiaramonte
War on teachers
Thank goodness Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford’s mission to vilify and rob teachers of a decent pension is dead by a bipartisan vote.
In Pasco County, which supposedly is represented by Weatherford, a former student who graduated from a school where I taught, teachers have been denied raises and subjected to one humiliation after another, until Gov. Rick Scott finally threw us a bone last year. We will never recover the lost wages due to the financial strangling of Pasco and Florida public schools in general in the ongoing war against public education.
We deserve better. We deserve respect. We deserve better salaries. We deserve a solid pension plan. We are public educators.
And now they are continuing to press for vouchers for private schools, which offer no accountability and are not “graded.” They certainly don’t respect hard-working public educators. That is sinfully, painfully and shamefully obvious. Indeed, when will all this end?
It’s about time that Florida’s public educators were given their due respect and decent salary increases. I call on Tallahassee to end this mistreatment of Florida’s teachers.
Dave Pike
Cheap, effective
Most of our United States have tried a variety of executions for the death penalty, including the electric chair, chemical injection and firing squad. Why not go back to the old West and hang the perpetrator?
When a person is properly hanged, the neck is broken, and death is instantaneous. In addition, the cost is minimal with just a rope.
Norman Anderson
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