Letters to the editor, March 8

Hidden facts
Marty Moore hid his real reasons for writing his column “What in the World’s Wrong with Arizona?” If one reads this biased column, he would get the idea that Moore is only concerned about gay rights.
What each reader should do is read about the health risks of gay social activities. The gay practice of sodomy is the greatest reason why the state of Arizona has problems with gay couples.
Any person who engages in same sex is not a welcomed candidate for blood donation.
Convicts and ex-convicts are in the same category because they also practice sodomy.
It is extremely difficult for people to imagine this behavior if you live a life hidden from facts of life. AIDS comes from this type of activity and should be labeled as a warning in the news media.
Politics prevents the full disclosure of health hazards in same-sex activities.
Richard E. Allard
New Port Richey
Rights trumped
How asinine that the rights of one group can trump the convictions of another. The next thing you know, private Christian schools will be told who they must accept as students and 55-plus communities will be told that they must accept younger persons.
The Amish will be told they must accept any who want to convert and become Amish.
Churches will be given a government-censored politically correct Bible from which to preach.
With all the bakers, florists, and photographers available in the U.S., why do homosexuals go after Christians for their services? It’s a sham to build the political plight of the homosexual and malign Christians. If there is a store that catered to homosexuals — check out the Tampa Bay Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce for these — I just would not go there. I would not go in and expect them to bow to my Christian convictions.
The poignant quoting of Martin Niemoller by columnist Marty Moore should include the Christians — who will protect the rights of the Christians to live and work as we believe Christ set forth in His Word?
Paula Sparks
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