Letters to the editor, March 15

Sum error
In “Workers Caught in a Zero Sum Game,” columnist Marty Moore continues making a career passing off ideologically driven opinions as fact.
He states the Bush tax cuts resulted in job losses. After two years in which 1.2 millions jobs were lost — down to 136.4 million in December 2002 from 137.6 million in December 2000 — the tax rates were cut for everybody. Despite Marty’s claims, the economy gained 7.9 million jobs, up to 146.3 million in December 2007 from 138.4 million in December 2003. Job losses in 2008 were due to the bursting of the long-term housing bubble and were not related to tax cuts.
The economy is not a zero sum game. Those few getting very wealthy do not reduce the incomes of the middle class. When Bill Gates made billions by creating Microsoft, he enabled thousands of others making millions and expanded opportunities for many millions more. While Marty blames capitalism for income inequality, a report by the left-leaning Brookings Institute shows income inequality is often greatest in vibrant cities and less in more stagnant economic areas.
The reality of income inequality is not necessarily a negative for the middle class.
Dan Stanhope
Palm Harbor
Numbers game
I submit that the major point that most people are ignoring is that Barack Hussein Obama could not care less about foreign policy and what goes on in the world or the standing of the United States in it. Syria, Benghazi, Iran, Ukraine, North Korea are simply bumps in the road. His laser-like focus is on accumulating domestic power by using taxpayer money to buy votes for himself and the Democratic Party through increased entitlement programs. It is a pure numbers game.
The diminishment of the military is based on numbers of voters, not national security. There are more people receiving government handouts who then vote for Obama and Democrats than military and veterans who overwhelmingly vote conservative Republican, so it makes perfect sense to divert even more funds from a small number of voters to a large number.
I also believe Obama looks to Putin as a role model.
Michael N. Mattia
Tarpon Springs
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