Letters to the editor, March 30

Pot 411 In response to the dubious assertions and unsubstantiated claims of the March 20 letter to the editor “No Legal Pot,” I offer the truth about medical marijuana. One does not need to have a “documented life-threatening illness” to benefit from using medical marijuana. In 2006, the Scripps Research Institute discovered that THC, marijuana’s active ingredient, can prevent an enzyme from accelerating the formation of Alzheimer’s plaque in the brain more effectively than commercial drugs. Virginia Commonwealth University researchers discovered that ingredients in marijuana “play a critical role in controlling seizures in epilepsy.” Since the 1970s, studies have called medical marijuana an effective treatment against glaucoma, one of the leading causes of blindness in the world.
The American Cancer Society states “marijuana has anti-bacterial properties, inhibits tumor growth and enlarges the airways which can ease the severity of asthma attacks.” A known appetite stimulant, marijuana can reverse the wasting effect experienced by AIDS and cancer patients. In addition, if students aren’t smart enough to refrain from smoking prior to a pre-employment drug test, they wouldn’t make good employees anyway. We should cast aside the fear-mongering and falsehoods and make every effort to provide patients with this effective, safe medicine. Deserves a vote Pasco County commissioners’ stated reason for not holding a hearing on closing the gun show loophole earlier this year was that the county attorney warned that passing such a law could end up in the courts and cost lots of money to litigate. This week, the county attorney recommended that commissioner not go ahead with a land purchase because it might cost the taxpayers of Pasco County to litigate the deal in court. This makes commissioners’ decision not to hold a hearing on the gun show loophole, very weak indeed. What is their agenda? At this point I guess, we just don’t know. There is no reason not to hold a public hearing on this issue. This matter deserves a vote, up or down.
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