Letters to the editor, June 25

Fair trade
If the Israel Defense Force was willing to trade more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners for one of its soldiers, why should we care if President Barack Obama trades five Afghan Taliban terrorists for one brave U.S. soldier?
Fred Palensar
Judged by history
We can all agree that those who stand on the wrong side of the argument will not be judged kindly by history. On June 11, 1963, then-Alabama Gov. George Wallace stood at the schoolhouse door at the University of Alabama in his attempt to stop integration. As a result, Wallace will always be remembered for this act of defiance.
So Florida Gov. Rick Scott may want to rethink his homophobic response toward same-sex marriage. He may be remembered as the governor who tried to stand in the way of liberty, equality and progress.
JoAnn Lee Frank
VA needs money
Hey, wait a minute. Don’t blame the Department of Veterans Affairs for the backlog, blame the Congress — yes, Congress — for not giving the VA enough money to administer to all of our veterans in a timely manner!
If you’re a doctor and you have 750 patients to serve, first you hit the panic button and the waiting list gets longer. If you are a processing clerk and the pile of applications is taller than you, you do your job and the wait gets longer.
Give the VA the money they need to get the job done in a timely manner and the waiting line will diminish. Give the VA the funds and personnel to get the job done.
I’d love to do a personnel evaluation of current VA employees. I’ll bet you’ll find dedicated, overworked, and worried employees because the number of veterans keeps going up but the budget dollars do not.
Nick Morana
Spring Hill
* * *
Congress, with its conservative majority, is not funding the VA well enough to expand providers, staff, physicians and their assistants to keep up with the phenomenal influx of veterans spinning through the doors, hopeful they will be offered care.
Deron Mikal
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