Letters to the editor, July 26

Heat puzzle
I’m kind of puzzled. They have cold night shelters for people in need during the winter. However, has anyone given thought to those who suffer from the heat in the summer? And it’s not just the elderly at risk for stroke. We should do all we can to avoid unnecessary deaths at this time of the year.
J.M. Drolle
New Port Richey
Name game
Do you really know who you are voting for?
The Mike Wells you see political signs for is not Pasco Property Appraiser Mike Wells, whom you have known and elected for years. It is his son.
The son is using the exact name and campaign signage that his father used. Is this a ploy to deceive the voter?
There are disclosure laws for candidates and there should be one that requires a candidate with the same name as a current or past elected official to clarify who he or she really is.
Whether a person is qualified or not is up to voters to decide. Vote informed when you go to the polls.
Wil Nickerson
Marty revels
Marty Moore’s column on the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling was another example of his “I want to do what I want, and you have to pay for it” ideology.
If Hobby Lobby had taken out the religious objection and just said they don’t want to pay for drugs that end what they believe is life, would that change his mind? Or perhaps Hobby Lobby should have said if the majority of employees want this benefit then we will cancel our insurance and they could get the life-ending drug from ObamaCare.
Marty wants everything to be about snubbing Obama, instead of people just having beliefs that differ from his. Don’t be fooled: Marty does not give a hoot about women or men. He just revels in the moral decay and can’t wait for the end thinking he will be the new oracle everyone looks to for logic.
Robert Jonatzke
New Port Richey
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