Letters to the editor, July 19

Thanks, Coach
Eighteen years ago, I gave a speech to the administration and student body of Ridgewood High School honoring Coach John “Cass” Castelamare on his leaving Ridgewood. He moved on in his coaching career for another 18 years, bringing his coaching career to a solid number of 43 years.
That is a fitting number for those of you who truly know me. Coach Cass gave me number 43. I remember waiting in line to get our jerseys from him, and when it was my turn, he looked at me and said: “I don’t hand this number out to just anybody. It was my number, and you earned it.”
I was honored to sport 43. In my speech at Ridgewood, which I kept, I said Coach Castelmare’s players had been “enriched by his presence in our lives.” I think this still speaks volumes about the footprint he is leaving. Enjoy retirement, Coach.
Regan Weiss
New Port Richey
Blame Obama
To the gentleman who, in a letter to the editor, chided Gov. Rick Perry of Texas for not activating the Texas National Guard instead of complaining about the flow of undocumented alien children across the U.S.-Mexico border to President Barack Obama, I would offer the following simple answer.
If the governor activated the Texas National Guard, he knows the people of Texas, alone, would be saddled with the tremendous cost. This illegal influx Central Americans is not only a Texas problem, it is a national problem brought on, in part, by the wink and nod of our president. Why else would these Central American families pay as much as $7,000 to have their children brought to the U.S. border?
Perry has good reason to chide Obama for not touring the border while in Texas for yet another of his fundraisers. Obama had plenty of time to drink beer and shoot pool for a photo-op, as we viewed on the evening news, but he refuses to tour or close the border.
It appears his main objective is to build a larger government-dependent voter base for his liberal party.
Max Risner
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