Letters to the editor, Jan. 4

Let’s do it

Columnist Marty Moore professes to want equality and fairness for all, yet thinks it will come from the hand of man, whose values include killing the unborn, greed, running red lights and many other self-serving ideas.

Ah, perhaps it is legislation he wants or new laws, because people usually adhere to that kind of thing. That’s it, all he wanted for Christmas: laws mandating that everyone makes the same wage, pays the same for everything and no one goes without food.

Well, let’s do that. From this day forward the CEO of Jabil Circuit will make minimum wage, a Mercedes will cost the same as a Smart car and all those homeless can just walk into a restaurant and eat for free. Oh, and as for all those pesky freedoms and amendments, we will just get rid of those. All the guns will be confiscated; no more traffic laws and religion will be illegal so as not offend anyone.

Is it a better world now?

Robert Jonatzke


Obvious problem

I arrived here Nov. 1 to meet my family and was looking forward to being in an area that was warm and so much like the home I once lived in.

I recently received, however, a letter from the New Port Richey Police Department saying I ran a red light at Main Street. I distinctly remember making a turn on green. The film was right, but the red light wrong.

Now, as a homeowner, I stand accused and expected to pay $158 from my hard-earned funds. If this fine is not rescinded, I will reconsider making my home here. I believe New Port Richey has some obvious shortcomings.

Harold Pickerill

New Port Richey

Bigger failure

Has Janet Paus, who wrote the Dec. 28 letter to the editor calling Barack Obama’s presidency an “Epic Failure,” ever seen “Fahrenheit 9/11”? If she had she would know that the incurious do-nothing George W. Bush and his campaign of misinformation certainly was more of an “epic failure” than President Obama.

Ilene Grim


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