Letters to the editor, Jan. 15

Out in November
While people are congratulating state Rep. Amanda Murphy for her win, please remind her that she only has until November, when we vote her out of office. When everyone votes in the midterm elections who did not vote in the special election, her socialist carcass will be gone.
Al Faivre
New Port Richey
Not me
What’s next? A private investor is building an elevated toll road and will operate it for profit over an existing state road that was built and recently expanded with taxpayers’ money. An unknown individual forming a partnership with a foreign developer. In the words of a Florida DOT official, the proposal is very vague. There is just too much room for failure and taxpayers having to bail out bankrupt entrepreneurs.
Besides, the elevated highway would ruin one of our most scenic thoroughfares forever, especially if the project is abandoned halfway done, when the developer runs out of money and wants to force the taxpayers to pay for the finishing of it.
Who would use a toll road if beneath it is a good road that is free? Not me.
Larry Serfozo
New Port Richey
Moore not tolerant
I am always amused at Marty Moore’s column. I seldom agree, but I am amused.
His Jan. 8 column ends with: “Here was my mom’s rule of thumb: If you can’t say something nice about someone don’t say it.” This, of course, after using four columns to: 1) question the intentions of GQ Magazine’s interview with “Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson; 2) charge that Sarah Palin’s comments are ignorant; 3) judge Robertson’s comments as “despicable, insulting or historically inaccurate”; and 4) cast a few disparagements at what he calls the “right-wing distraction cabaret.”
Moore asks, “Where’s the line between intolerance and free expression?” He then asks if we must be tolerant of intolerance. Ah yes, Mr. Moore, quite an exercise in intolerance. I guess he answered his own question about intolerance — and he didn’t listen to his mother either. I am amused, and tolerant.
Here’s a question: If you are not tolerant of intolerance, doesn’t that make you ... intolerant?
Arthur Olds
New Port Richey
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