Letters to the editor, Jan. 1

Pot positives
Regarding the Dec. 25 op-ed page column by Shelah Neece of the Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention of Pasco County opposing the effort to legalize medical marijuana use in Florida, there is still much information to be discussed regarding marijuana. We’ve been discussing it for decades and every argument I’ve ever heard for keeping marijuana illegal is completely wrong.
All the while the murderous cartels have been getting more powerful and controlling entire countries and are moving north. All because marijuana is illegal.
Uruguay just legalized marijuana to stem the tide. The Netherlands legalized marijuana 20 years ago and the results are extremely positive. Only 40 percent of Dutch high school kids have tried it there. In the U.S. it’s 80 percent. Also, the use of harder drugs is down 70 percent among adults because when you can buy marijuana legally, you’re not exposed to harder drugs.
The added benefits of tax revenues, lower prosecution expenses, increased jail space for violent criminals, and medicinal use, make it a no-brainer. See retired Superior Court Judge James P. Gray testify in front of the California Assembly here — www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKgY5eOlhEc — and you will be convinced.
Jim Dooley
In the column opposing medical marijuana the writer states that by legalizing marijuana it would become more available. It is more than readily available now. If it becomes legal you must be an adult to buy it. The effects of alcohol are much more damaging than marijuana.
Second, the writer says that states that have passed marijuana laws have had frightening infant and child overdoses from marijuana products. I would like to see proof of one instance of a marijuana overdose in a child or adult. There is none.
Third, the writer states there is shocking data of trends in marijuana driving accidents and fatalities. I can’t find one state where a driving fatality was caused by marijuana. I am sure the drunken-driving accidents and fatalities are 20-fold more than the marijuana data.
Let’s stop telling the lies about marijuana.
Brian Strouse
Port Richey
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