Letters to the editor, Feb. 5

Terrible toll
Unfortunately, I missed the town hall meeting organized by Pasco Commissioner Kathryn Starkey concerning the proposed elevated highway in the State Road 54/56 corridor. With all due respect to Commissioner Starkey and Pasco Growth Management Administrator Richard Gehring, I respectfully disagree with their findings that a toll road is the only remedy for Pasco’s future traffic congestion. Perhaps, a little more foresight is needed before approval is granted to property developers! Isn’t it odd that those who benefit from the sale and development of their property are the ones least impacted by its footprint? The Starkey family can now afford to live anywhere they choose, leaving those who live in proximity to the toll road to suffer its disruptive consequences. Get ready for years of detours, noisy jackhammers, bumper-to-bumper traffic caused by the construction, and — once built — overcrowded beaches and recreational areas and never-ending toll increases. Not to mention lower property values.
We don’t need elevated toll roads. What we need are better educated county representatives that have the foresight to see what impact their plans have on the community.
Thomas M. Andersen
Gun-ed needed
It is clear to me what we should do to prevent unnecessary gun deaths. When it was determined that sex among kids is inevitable, the National Education Association introduced sex education into the public schools. When it was determined that Americans do not fully understand terrorism, Islamic education was introduced into the public schools. When it was determined that global warming is man-made, environmental education was introduced into the public schools.
Applying the same logic, perhaps it is time for the NEA to introduce gun education in the public schools. There are more guns than people or cars in the United States. The right to bear arms is embedded in the founding spirit of this country and in the Second Amendment to the Constitution. It is just as inevitable that everyone will eventually find themselves around a gun.
Can the NEA become apolitical and work with the NRA? I think they should.
Thomas West
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